Custom Printed Packaging & Shipping Tape

Shipping a product to the customer is one of the most important parts of your business. You want to ensure that your products are delivered securely and intact, and that your customers are happy with your brand when they receive them.

Custom packing tape is a great way to ensure your products make it from door to door without any mishandling or tampering. And if designed right, it can help your products stand out in a big way throughout the delivery chain.

At im体育app网址, we provide custom packaging solutions for brands who want to operate their shipping operations on a higher level. Our team of professional designers works directly with you to ensure the quality and effectiveness of their packaging — including custom branded packaging tape .

Why Ship Your Products with Custom-Printed Packaging Tape

Every package you send is an opportunity to promote your brand.

Custom Printed Packing Tape is a detail that protects your products and speaks volumes about your brand. As the trusted experts in custom shipping products, im体育app网址 will help you identify the right kind of tape for your needs. When you take your customized packaging to the next level with custom tape, you’re reinforcing your commitment to quality in several ways:

  • Security – Quality personalized packing tape gives assurance that your packages stay closed in shipping. If your products require the extra security of tamper-resistant custom tape, our experienced team will ensure your packaging tape delivers the security you need.
  • Promotional Custom branded tape makes a statement to your customers. Not only will you build brand recognition with this added visual, but when you have your tape custom printed, it shows customers that your company pays attention to detail.
  • Quality – Not all tapes are created equal, so im体育app网址 is highly selective about the tape products we supply. You can’t risk tape failure or fading, so always work with a trusted partner to provide the best custom tape for your application.
  • Eco-Friendly – Our tape is recyclable and made with water-based inks. Many customers consider sustainability when deciding which brands they’re loyal to. And of course, lessening our impact on the environment ensures a better future for all of us.

Get Your Free Branded Packing Tape Digital Mockup

Customized Tape with your Customized Message

Ready to see what your logo looks like on the packaging products you need? Send us your logo and get your free digital mockup!

Branded Packaging Tape

The Perfect Look — and the Perfect Fit

Plus offers Custom Shipping Tape in a variety of dimensions:

Length :

  • Standard length, 55-yard or 110-yard rolls
  • Machine length, 1000-yard or 2000-yard rolls

Width : Our most common tape widths are 2-inch and 3-inch , and we provide a range of width options, up to 6 inches .

Thickness : We supply a range of tape thicknesses, from 2.0–3.6 mm .

Gummed Tape Also called “water activated tape”, this is a popular variety that doesn’t become sticky until you wet it . It’s available in a variety of lengths and widths, most commonly 3 inches wide,  and 375 inches or 450 inches long.

Whatever dimensions fit your business, we’ll review your volume needs to help you determine the best size, tape dispenser, and quantity of rolls.

Trust the Custom Printed Tape Design Experts

When you work with Plus, you’ll correspond with a real person, a design expert who will meet your custom packaging needs with the right materials and an attractive, professional look. Custom-designed tape is a great way to secure your products while making a statement for your brand, and we’re here to make sure it’s done right.

  • The Best Materials We use top materials, sourced from U.S. providers, and our tape comes reinforced in a variety of styles, strengths, and bonding agents. We’ll carefully explain options like polypropylene (polypro), kraft paper tape, gummed tape (water activated tape) as well as gum styles and printing options.
  • The Best Designs Our design services team will work with you to get the artwork and ink colors just right, so that your brand and message stand out. Do you want various designs across different product labels, shipping methods, or seasons? We’ll design multiple rolls to supply your full operation.
  • Efficiency of Time and Budget Once you approve of the visual design, our production team begins working right away on your custom packing tape. We also offer business-grade tape dispensers to streamline your operations.

We want your packaging materials to be an affordable and effective marketing tool. im体育app网址 offers bulk and wholesale options (see below) for you to get the most for your budget.

Talk to a Plus design expert today. Contact Us to get started.

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Don’t just send something. Say something.


Custom Packing Tape In addition to your logo and custom artwork, your tape can be printed with a custom-worded message, and the sky’s the limit on what you can say.

Use your customized shipping tape to convey important information like handling instructions or safety warnings. Encourage customer interaction with a call to action, or by printing your email, phone number, physical address, QR codes, website, or social media handles. 

Print a stand-alone message, or combine a phrase with your logo or artwork. Get full color or print against a transparent background. Whatever option you choose, our team ensures your words will appear in your branded ink colors to maintain consistency from product to packaging.

Printed Tape For Your Business or Industry

With 40 years of experience, you can depend on im体育app网址 to know the exact custom packaging needs of your products and design services for your industry. We’ve provided solutions for customers in the following industries or applications and more:

  • Ecommerce
  • Retail
  • Online Brands
  • Manufacturing
  • Trade Shows
  • Events and Conventions
  • Agencies
  • Promotional Material

Your customer’s unboxing experience is their moment of greatest excitement and the best time for them to make an emotional connection with your brand.

Don’t get stuck in search mode. Just call our design team and let us help you create the perfect solution for your business and industry.

Branded Bulk and Wholesale Packaging Tape

Keep up with escalating sales by ordering in wholesale or bulk quantities. We’ll make sure you can successfully maintain your commitment to quality and brand consistency as your products (and packaging) begin to reach new volumes of customers.

Call our experts at 800-535-9550, to start discussing your high-volume operation.

Custom Shipping Tape for Every Business Need

Custom Packing Tape Our custom packaging tape can be effective for businesses who need it for the following applications and more: 

  • Online Brands personalized packing tape

  • Ecommerce custom packing tape

  • Retail packaging tape

  • Manufacturing packing tape

  • Trade Show custom packaging tape

  • Events and Conventions custom packaging tape

  • Agencies branded packing tape

  • Promotional Material customized packing tape

Custom packaging tape helps make a memorable first impression when it reaches your customer’s door. If you sell products in retail stores, it can help you stand out among your vendors, over your competitors. And if even if you’re not in retail, your business may produce materials for trade shows, events, and conventions — and branded packaging tape can help you secure your merchandise, identify it among the crowd, and show people that you take your brand and business seriously.

In every case, custom shipping packing tape allows your brand to stand out while helping prove it made it to its destination without tampering.

Start Working with Our Team Today

If you’re serious about your brand and you want to get the most possible value out of your custom packing tape and all your custom packaging needs , reach out to the im体育app网址 team today. We’re here to take your packaging, and your business to the next level.

Want to get a quote or learn more about how our team works with you to create effective custom packaging products? Contact us here , or call 800-535-9550 . A member of our team is always happy to talk.

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