Packaging Inspiration


With the proliferation of e-commerce and the resulting barrage of items in the mail stream, it is growing harder for retailers to set themselves apart from the pack. Extending your branding to your custom mail packaging is one way to make you stand out. In fact, more than 50% of shoppers are likely to be repeat customers if the retailer uses premium packaging!

This is becoming more and more important as “unboxing” videos become the norm–videos, often created by bloggers with thousands of followers, that show the recipient opening their package to showcase not only the contents inside, but also the uniqueness of the packaging itself. It’s safe to say that more and more businesses are creating branded packaging to cater to and inspire their customers to share their unboxing (or unbagging!) experiences, which translates to free advertising.

What Is a Branded Packaging Experience?

A branded packaging experience occurs when the retailer has thoughtfully chosen packaging and shipping materials that complement the brand, and the presentation of the items is strategic. It is the creation of custom packaging to provide further value for your customer by offering a memorable unboxing experience. After all, the impression is made not after the item is opened but upon receipt of the package! This makes branded experience is especially good for online retailers, as they have fewer points of contact with their customers and therefore fewer opportunities to make themselves memorable.


Promotional Packaging Ideas to Create a Memorable Unboxing Experience

There are so many different custom packaging and shipping products to personalize and incorporate into your branded packaging, whether you sell apparel , pet supplies, or gourmet food , for example. Here are a few product shipping ideas to enhance your branded packaging experience:

  • Printed Tissue Paper
    Tissue paper comes in all sorts of colors and patterns. Incorporating unique tissue paper can be an easy way of branding. A pet supply store, for example, might consider wrapping their products in tissue paper patterned with cartoon dogs, cats, birds, fish, and reptiles – adorable pets that benefit from the wares. If your customer is an animal lover – or has a gift for someone who is – that customer may even choose to reuse the paper, creating another opportunity to spread your brand.
  • Custom Packaging Tape
    Invisible or packing tape has no personality. Packaging tape with your logo or a clever message, however, is engaging. Customized packaging tape can be even more effective if your wrapping paper is just a solid color. This will make it stand out even more. Imagine how pleased your customer can feel if they have ordered clothes from your online store and the first thing they notice is packaging tape that tells them they look great.
  • Colorfully Printed Mailing Bags
    Similarly, you can get very whimsical with mailing bags. If you’re selling art supplies, for example, your mailbag may be plain black and white, printed with fun shapes and designs to be colored by the recipient. You have just provided memories of childhood fun and an opportunity to take a well needed and meditative break. If your customers have children – or nieces and nephews – the chances are high that they will keep the mailing bag and pass it on. It’s an instant conversation piece and a free referral to the other parents.

Create an Unforgettable Unboxing Experience

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