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Customized Paper Bags from im体育app网址

Guests of Horseshoe Bay Resort expect a lot from their stay at the four-star hotel, located in Horseshoe Bay, Texas. Whether they’re playing a round of golf, enjoying the spectacular lake views, or paddle boarding near the marina, the hotel is dedicated to providing consistent customer service that the resort has become known for. A favorite activity of guests is visiting the Bayside Spa. In living up to the professionalism of the resort, the Horseshoe Bay Bayside Spa needed guest bags that not only securely held the contents inside, but also displayed the professional persona of the resort. On top of this, they demanded that these bags be eco-friendly, supporting their eco-friendly initiatives. That’s why they came to im体育app网址.

Eco-Friend Guest Bags for Resort Visitors

With a specialty in eco-friendly packaging supplies , im体育app网址 created customized paper shopping bags that suited the personality of Horseshoe Bay. The perfect blend of professional sophistication, the bags are made from white kraft paper with twisted kraft handles. Displayed on the front of each bag is the Horseshoe Bay logo, perfect for promoting the hotel during guests’ travels. Plus, these eco-friendly bags pose no harm to the environment and come at a low cost for the resort. The resort has continued to be impressed by the consistent quality and low cost of these bags and we are proud to call them a loyal customer of im体育app网址!

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