Eco-Friendly Packaging Does the Right Thing for the Planet and Your Business

Choose Eco Friendly Wholesale Packaging and Create Less Waste for Your Customers

When people talk about eco-friendly wholesale packaging , they are referring to recycled packaging items like cardboard boxes, compostable mailers, plastic packaging made with organic material, and other packing supplies made with packaging designs and raw materials that minimize their impact on the environment.

Despite this broad definition, the common examples of what a business owner should consider include:

  • Minimizing waste
  • Using more recycled and biodegradable or compostable materials
  • Reducing their environmental impact throughout the lifecycle of their products
  • Ensuring the material and packaging is still effective and affordable


Blue Earth Poly Mailers – Recyclable, Biodegradable

im体育app网址 carries the Blue Earth recyclable, biodegradable poly mailers.  Available plain or with custom printing. These eco friendly poly mailing bags are made from 75% recycled content including 25% POST CONSUMER RECYCLED CONTENT. The are up to 30% lighter than conventional mailers and are degradable and 100% recyclable.

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im体育app网址 is Here to Help Your Brand Be Environmentally Conscious

im体育app网址 has over 40 years of experience in the custom packaging industry, and we’re committed to helping our customers achieve their packaging goals with eco-friendly practices. Our team works closely with you to create dynamic custom eco-friendly alternative packaging solutions.

We want to promote your sustainable practices and ensure that your packaging has the right effect on your customers without impacting your retail supply chain. So, we are as hands-on or hands-off as you need and want during the design phase.

We offer free mockups, so upload your design or logo . Contact our packaging experts to get a quote or discuss the wide variety of sustainable packaging options we provide.

What Are the Benefits of Eco-Friendly Packaging?

It Improves Your Brand Image

Two-thirds (67%) of consumers believe it’s important for companies to use recyclable packaging for the products they buy, and sustainable packaging is a purchase driver for more than half of shoppers today. By using an environmentally friendly packaging solution, you’re showing your customers you support the issues that are important to them.

Cost Savings Across the Board

Sustainable and biodegradable packaging products tend to be lightweight, especially recycled plastics — which helps you save on shipping costs. You’re also saving on storage because using sustainable packaging strategies naturally leads to more space-efficient packaging. Making a sustainable product often involves less water and electricity usage, as well as reduced solid waste and CO2 emissions, so it’s often more cost-effective than traditional packaging materials.

What Sustainable Packaging Does im体育app网址 Offer?

im体育app网址 has a wide range of custom sustainable and compostable packaging options available to suit every industry and any product. These include packaging that is: made from recycled materials, fully recyclable, efficient, and reusable. Contact us to explore our extensive range, or read on to find out more about some of our most popular wholesale eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Eco-Shipper Paperboard Mailing Bags

What are Eco-Shipper Paperboard Mailing Bags made of?

These eco-friendly mailing bags are made from at least 50% recycled and sustainable materials. But what shows your customers that you’re serious about going green is the fact that they’re made from 100% recyclable materials that are biodegradable and compostable as well.

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Poly Mailing Bags

What Are Poly Mailing Bags made of?

Poly mailing bags are a flexible packaging option that allows you to go green without sacrificing quality, security, or creativity. Vibrant and durable, they’re efficient and 100% recyclable. With a variety of poly materials to choose from, you can show off your brand and environmental consciousness with these versatile plastic bags.

Sizes / Sizing

There are no limits when it comes to the sizing of your poly mailers. Large, small, long, wide — whatever you need, we can create it for you, so contact our team of designers to discuss what will work best for you and find out about prices.

Other eco friendly packaging options we offer include but are not limited to:

  • Paper Mailing Bags – Best for flat items, our customizable paper shipping bags are available in multiple recycled materials, thicknesses, sizes, and even padded.
  • Tissue paper – Printed with your logo and a custom message, custom printed tissue paper — made from 100% post-manufacture recycled materials — adds a touch of class to your in-store or e-commerce packaging.
  • Recycled paper shopping bags – Available with a variety of custom features, these paper shopping bags are a durable, green alternative.
  • Custom Packing Tape Our custom packing tape is recyclable and made with water-based inks.

Explore the Flexibility of Wholesale Environmentally Friendly Packaging with im体育app网址

The team at im体育app网址 believes you shouldn’t sacrifice your ethics to build your brand. On the contrary, the two can go hand-in-hand. You can rely on our decades of experience to help you choose sustainable alternatives that cut down extra costs, reduce waste, and maximizes the use of sustainable resources.

Contact us today to learn more. Upload your design or logo for a free digital mockup of your custom packaging. We look forward to helping you create effective, sustainable packaging solutions that keep your business moving and growing.

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Get Your Free Digital Mockup

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At im体育app网址, we believe that you shouldn’t sacrifice your ethics to build your brand. Contact us , or call at 800-535-9550, to learn more about these items and find the right fit for your business. We’ll evaluate your needs to determine just the right environmentally friendly packaging for your products.